Ray Koh is a California based artist who specialises in fine art, drones, and filmmaking. 


Koh's fine art utilises drone technologies which allow him to conceptually draw and paint using ocean water, time and light. However unlike most drone enthusiasts, Koh works more akin to an archaeologist where his brush is more an eraser that removes unnecessary elements so that only extracted subject-matter remains. His work focuses on primordial artistic concepts and subject-matter expressed through artist portraits, line drawings, still life and abstracts. 


More than ever, Koh believes that we must deal with the ramifications of technologies that accelerate our lives into nearly unsustainable speeds. With the increasing hyper saturation of digital content, the dumbing down of ourselves, our own de-programming into automation, how do we rise about this relentless ebb and flow? How do we create a new American art that reconciles the loss of the original to mechanical reproduction (, film) in favour of new subject-matter? These are some of the issues that his work attempts to resolves through creative mediation. 


Koh is a 5-time winner of the Creative Quarterly Journal for Fine Art. 


In 2017, Koh began work on a new series produced in San Francisco titled Driverless Cars.

Driverless Cars is a continuation of Koh's archaeological approach to uncovering subject-matter.  By applying his methodology of removing unnecessary elements from initial film stills, Koh was able to completely repurpose and transform what we consider waste simply by erasing the unnecessary. 


In the age of hyper consumption, content and excess, Koh likes to practice a "do more with less" and "use what's around you" approach. Less is more but only if you coax out the content. 

Driverless Cars is a social commentary on our contemporary obsession with consumption and technology. Logically, our modern sense of ourselves can logically be traced back to the material and spiritual waste we produce.  

Before these hidden artefacts become totally lost, Koh is obsessed with extracting as many works as possible. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Heavy Heart, Sneaker, 4 Cars and 5 Cars are some of the highlights from this series.

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BIG SUR WORKS: 2015-2018

In late 2015, Koh abandoned his tripod and started shooting aerial cinematography exclusively. This initial period of work spanning from 2015-2018 produced over 100 original artworks that was produced entirely by using water as a central medium. 

Using primarily only ocean water as an organic and sustainable medium, Koh was able to find a new way to conceptually draw and paint using ocean water/waves.


By erasing elements, Koh began his initial process of making something by removing something. In art history terms, Erased DeKooning by Robert Rauschenberg is a noted reference point. 

Through traditional artistic formats from portraiture to abstracts to still life, Koh's collection from this series shows well collectively as one large installation/ narrative. 

Excerpts from the Big Sur collection can be viewed here: BIG SUR by RAY KOH.