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RAY KOH is a creative director specializing in fine art and filmmaking. He has a unique multi-disciplinary background in art & architecture, branding & design, film & photography, and real estate & development. He is capable of working in any medium, discipline, scale and has the fluidity that threads all of them together. Koh maintains his namesake creative studio, KOH,co. which focuses on privately developing intellectual creative properties.

Koh’s fine artwork utilizes drone technologies which allows him to conceptually draw and paint using ocean water, time, and light. However, unlike most drone enthusiasts, Koh works more akin to an archaeologist where his brush is more an eraser that removes unnecessary elements so that only extracted subject-matter remains. The work he has developed focuses on primordial artistic concepts and subject-matter expressed through artist portraits, line drawings, still life, and abstracts.



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More than ever, Koh believes that we must deal with the ramifications of technologies that accelerate our lives into nearly unsustainable velocity. With the increasing hyper saturation of digital content, the dumbing down of ourselves, our own deprogramming into automation, how do we rise above this relentless ebb and flow? How do we create a new American Art that reconciles the loss of the original to mechanical reproduction (i.e. photography, film) in favor of new subject-matter? These are some of the issues that his work attempts to resolve through creative mediation.

Koh is a 13-time winner of the Creative Quarterly Journal (CQ63, CQ62, CQ61, CQ60, CQ57, CQ56, CQ55, CQ53, CQ49, CQ48, CQ47, CQ46, CQ45) winning in multiple categories of Fine Art and more recently, Photography. Koh is also a 3-time featured artist on SF MoMA's Instagram and Tumblr accounts.


Colette, Commes des Garçons, Constantin Boym, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Counts Media, Donna Karan, Duckhorn Vineyards, Emirates Investment Group, Fairmount Hotels, Holt-Renfrew, MoMA (New York), MoMA (Berlin), Moss, MTA, NIKE, Paul Smith, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Quince SF, Sorgente Group of America, Sorgente Group of Rome, Sustainable South Bronx/SSBX (Majora Carter), Target, The City of New York, W Hotel, and the Walker Art Center.


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